In commemoration of its 75 years as a fashion innovator, Tura unveils its remastered Lotus Collection, combining the best of modern technology with old-world craftsmanship. Featuring the revolutionary hinge design from the original women’s ophthalmic collection that did not require a screw to keep the frames aligned, the current lotus hinge has been retooled to create a perfect marriage of form and function. Constructed of titanium, the Lotus frames are styled in America, and hand-assembled, polished and rigorously inspected in a Japanese factory known for its high standards and technical expertise.

Photographed by Black Box Studios

PHILOSOPHY: “Our approach in reinventing the Lotus Collection was to create frames that are feminine and light, like fine jewelry. Every contour of every style has a reason to be—nothing is extraneous. The result is an on-trend collection with sleek, modern, easy to wear silhouettes,” says Debra Forstenzer, Tura vice president of product development. Tura president and CEO Scott Sennett adds, “This collection captures the spirit of Tura as a fashion innovator. We have reimagined the Lotus hinge concept in a way that’s modern, but true to the functional elegance of the original designs.”

MARKETING: Merchandising materials include a 75th anniversary acrylic and metal four-place display and a four-page “leave behind” pamphlet that describes the inspiration behind the Lotus Collection. Each frame comes with a black case with a rosette metal button.


CONTACT: For additional information, contact Tura, (800) 242-8872; website:

When Tura’s founder Monroe Levoy opened his dispensary on Madison Avenue in 1938, he introduced a new idea along with his new frame designs. He believed eyeglasses should complement a woman’s wardrobe like other accessories such as handbags and jewelry. For 75 years, Tura has built on his vision with designs distinguished by impeccable craftsmanship, jewelry-inspired detailing, graceful lines and superior American style.