It’s been well over a decade since I visited the Persol factory tucked away in the Dolomite north of Venice, and the most enduring memory of my tour remains the multiple tumbling bins. I can still distinctly hear the churning and see the slow polishing movements as the zyl frames literally form-and-ferment in a slow, meticulous journey toward perfection. It is a process that jewels the zyl near-magically and most-meticulously moving along via a craftsman process from raw and elemental to facially fantastic.    
—James J. Spina

When it comes to the nitty-gritty of materials, eyewear jumps all over the place intending to both appease with quality, please with style and tease with technology. Here’s some zyl but be certain that just around the bend you’ll have a host of metals and other choice materials searching for some face time. A&A Optical scored a cover here with this wide-eyed swing toward fuller frame-face sizing.   —JJS