Manufacturer/Distributor: Younger Optics
Description: Single-vision spherical lens made of PPG’s Trivex material
Target Customer: Patients who want a thin, light and durable lens
Features: Clear, thin and light (1.53 index of refraction), impact resistant, excellent optics. Recommended for three-piece drill-mounted frames. Hard coated.
Availability: Available from wholesale labs in nominal curves 0.5, 2.25, 4.25, 6.25; 8.25 with corresponding recommended Rx range: -5.50D to -8.75D; -3.50D to -5.25D; -1.75D to -3.25D; +2.25D to -.150D; -3.50D to +6.25D (eight base can accommodate the Rx range of -3.50 to +6.25D for wrap frames).
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