Looking for some extra-special eyewear with a magical touch? How about a sunglass that folds at the lens and temples into a pocket-size package, temples that retract into a dramatic logo button or a signature flexing temple with a hinge symbol recognized throughout the world. These are more than tricks—they are treats that enhance function and flair.

From top PERSOL 2805-S from Luxottica Group; DIOR Sport 2/S from Sàfilo USA; NAUTICA Passport from Marchon Eyewear


Persol glasses owe their prestige to the patented Meflecto system, consisting of tiny cylinders (two to four) inserted by a craftsman-like process into the temples to render them flexible, thereby assuring maximum comfort and snugness of fit. This system is reportedly the first-ever flexible temple. Drawing attention to the temple is the Supreme Arrow, the company’s unmistakable signature logo.