Recognizing that language barriers can often pose as a challenge when dispensing eyewear or talking about the latest lens technologies, Transitions Optical has introduced a bilingual pocket card to provide an overview on the benefits and features
of the latest option in everyday adaptive eyewear, Transitions Signature lenses.

Small enough to fold in half and tuck into a pocket, the 5.5-by-7.5-inch card allows English-speaking eyecare professionals to easily explain the new Transitions Signature adaptive lens technology to their Spanish-speaking patients and have them simply point out their preferences for everything from the color of their lenses to additional lens features, such as anti-reflective coatings to frame considerations. The back of the card provides a more detailed description of the benefits that Transitions Signature lenses provide and information about the exclusive Chromea7 technology that allows the lenses to be more responsive in all lighting conditions.

“Talking about specific lens options and features in another language can often be difficult, even for those who already speak Spanish,” says Manuel Solis, marketing manager, labs and strategic partnerships, Transitions Optical. “We designed this tool to help eliminate confusion by allowing eyecare professionals to simply point to their recommendations—or patients to point out their preferences—to make communication easier.”

The new Transitions Signature bilingual pocket card is part of a series of bilingual resources and in-office tools available through the Transitions Cultural Connections initiative. Eyecare professionals can request printed copies of the new bilingual pocket card and other multicultural resources free-of-charge through the “My Practice” section of

—Andrew Karp