By Johnna Dukes, ABOC

We have all heard that titanium is tough, lightweight and hypoallergenic, and we know to convey these features to our patients. But there can be much more to the story when it comes to titanium that we can overlook when presenting these fabulous products. Here are a few tips to help when giving your patient the low-down on why to choose one frame over another.

I happen to live in the Midwest, and I will often say that my clients are very diverse. However, there are a lot of traits that I see over and over. Many of my patients pride themselves on their work ethic. Honestly, they’re tough as nails. They brave the uncertainty of being farmers where they never know from year to year what Mother Nature will throw at them. They know that being from the Midwest has a connotation of strength about it, as we often say that if you’re tough enough to make it through our winters, you’re tough enough. If you can see where I’m going here, this is a classic case for understanding who your patient is, and what they might want and value in a frame. And fortunately, frames made of titanium from quality eyewear manufacturers such as Charmant can be a perfect match for someone who will expect their frames to be as tough as they are. (I’ve traveled our wonderful country extensively and have met lots of tough people from all over, so I know that you don’t have to be from the Midwest to be tough, but here is your opportunity to present toughness to your patient from whichever demographic perspective you have.)


Of course, when you’re talking about the Charmant Titanium lineup of quality frames, it is easy to make mention of how tough they are, but when you feel the frames, you will be taken aback by how lightweight they are as well. This is not an oxymoron either; tough and comfortable can co-exist. Charmant Titanium frames are tough, but they are also incredibly light in weight, and often, comfort in a frame is what ultimately causes a patient to choose one frame over another. When a patient has a choice of one that is innately very comfortable as well as rugged and tough, it can be a win-win.

Another factor that may weigh in for your patient is longevity. One of the many great attributes of Charmant Titanium frames is that they last and last. I’ve worked with Charmant Titanium frames for almost 20 years, and one of my observations is that their frames don’t wear down easily. Charmant’s use of quality titanium products equates to a frame that is ready to stand the test of time, and during this time of wear, they hold their adjustment beautifully.

And don’t forget about design. Often we think of titanium eyewear as being a bit utilitarian. However, Charmant didn’t forget that a frame we are putting on someone’s face ought to be great to look at, too.  Within their collection live sleek, fashion-forward, classic and trend-driven pieces that are sure to meet any look your patients might want to portray. Gone are the days when you would have to sacrifice comfort and durability for fashion. Charmant Titanium frames give us all of the options your patients would want and need.

Often, when you near the end of the selection process, you find yourself helping the patient choose among a few pairs of frames. Everyone does this a bit differently, but if all the options suit the patient’s prescriptive needs, it can come down to a few factors. This is usually the time I try to help the patient decide between two. Is one more comfortable? Is one more durable? Is one going to last longer than another? Is one more fashionable? I can tell you it is so much easier going through this process with a frame that checks all of these boxes as does the Charmant Titanium line, and it is even better when the patient can see the difference for themselves. It certainly makes the selection process that much more fun, and it makes me feel like I’m helping them invest in a product that will feel good every day, perform incredibly over time and suit their fashion wants as well!

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