Photographed by Stephen Mark Sullivan
Still life photography by Ned Matura

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Eye see skies of blue as your OptiBiz flowers with the right eyewear at the perfect brew of quality and pricing.

COSMOPOLITAN MIA from Match Eyewear

Join. This. Club.

In the extensive 20/20 product review of Value-Able, it was well noted that one of the strongest styles across all price points and brands (independent AND designer fashion) is the indomitable clubman (brow!) style.

From top: MODERN ART A394 from Modern Optical International; EVOLUTION 4047 from Altair Eyewear

Your Online Defense Line

Think of Value-Able as one of your go-to selections when it comes to those consumers fresh off their disappointing online experience.

From top: LEVI’S 113 from FGX International; GEEK EYEWEAR Rocket from LTD Eyewear; ERNEST HEMINGWAY 4826 from New York Eye; ATTITUDES 41 from Zimco Optics

Richly Deserved

The details are there at an accessible pricing crafted to a look more common at a lofty price point.

CAFE BOUTIQUE 1054 from SD Eyes

Popular Culture

Lifestyle branding feasts on the draw of practical and generational awareness, pricing and quality.

LUCKY BRAND D214 from De Rigo Rem

Eye Love Tortoise… and… Blue

That double dollar sign ($$) of satisfaction succeeds on all fronts.

NORA from i-dealoptics

Perfect Pairing

When it comes to that total eyewear package of a great frame with a great lens, a full 72 percent of those polled in this issue’s Value-Able Eyewear MarketPulse Survey noted both sides of this equation were equally important.

From top: COVERGIRL 0465 from Marcolin; CROCS 4017 from A&A Optical

As Simple and Reassuring as a Blue Sky

I remember frames just like that. Except… this one’s even better.

STEVE MADDEN Gammble from ClearVision Optical

Powerful Combination

A dash of zyl primed with metal and enhanced by a modern design mix equal to any modern fashion-forward approach.

DICAPRIO 325 from Capri Optics

Sun Spot

Looking to expand your eyewear world with some Value-Able sun choices? Seek brands such as this INVU.

INVU 174 from Europa International

Independent Pedigree

Think hot and costly detailing can only come at a high-end price point? This deft filigree proves that artful access is readily available.

VAVOOM 8090 from Avalon Eyewear

He ALWAYS Wants to Shop There

There’s good reason for smart consumers drifting to brands with well-proven and consistently valued quality classically themed.

BROOKS BROTHERS 1055 from Luxottica

Powerful Impact

Well over three quarters of dispensers polled by the Value-Able Eyewear MarketPulse Survey noted that this segment of the vendor market has made a giant impression on the optical arena in these last few years.

From left: SUPERFLEX 517 from WestGroupe; CHLOGAN 9008 from Chlogan Eyewear; GEOFFREY BEENE 319 from Tura

Clearly a Winner

Value-Able is a Viable-OPtion even if you carry fashion designer, high-end, luxury AND independent branded eyewear. The new Value-Able Eyewear MarketPulse Survey notes that 90 percent of retailers successful with these categories acknowledge the power of this segment.

From left: ECO Hari from Modo; JESSICA SIMPSON 1134 from Colors in Optics; EXCES 3146 from Eastern States Eyewear; CARAVAGGIO 810 from Nouveau Eyewear

Visit Historical Sights

Make sure you continually keep track of brands with long-standing eyewear heritage as they constantly update their look and approach.


Sunny Side Up

Sunwear offerings within this hot spot are a valued asset in terms of offering the full eyewear and sunwear solution.

From top: ADIDAS Tempest ad34 from Silhouette; HELM 2 from Spy Optic; POLAROID 6051/S from Safilo; VOGUE EYEWEAR 5212-S from Luxottica

Adin Thomas… Who? Actually… YOU!

With its streak of colorful individuality, this frame might easily have your customer’s name all over it.

ADIN THOMAS 414 from Europa International