…And what it is IS exactly clear. Optical Shop of Aspen made a luxury landing on an east coast “Sunset Strip” of sorts, the golden-glowed streets of East Hampton, Long Island and now the crest of this country’s rich and frame-us have access to the ultimate in eyewear and sunglass options. OSA’s Larry Sands, made the most of a magnificent summer evening with a top-notch in-store party celebration that had the whole town (including a discreet visit from the local police… but more on that in a second) humming.

The store, just a few classy steps north of the main Montauk Highway drag is beyond gorgeous with a two level relaxed ambiance enchanted by self-identified yet coordinating display stations dedicated to specific collections including Robert Marc, Chanel, Chrome Hearts and Blinde. Every typeface on every sign is planned with a care and consideration that keeps all in perfect pace to the opulence of the store.

The evening was marked by two atypical highlights. One was the huge rush of merch-purchasing going on as both friends and drop-in shoppers bought glasses in the midst of partying. And the second sensation was observing Sands work his “rock star” mystique on some Hampton policemen taking mild issue with some outdoor party tables and a rather generous open-door party policy. Sands calmed the men in blue as if on stage at a raucous rock festival.

—James J. Spina