And so we begin a yearlong celebration of the 40th anniversary of 20/20 as optical’s leading publication with a special presentation of the last decade of covers. We last made visual noise about one of our milestones 10 years ago, and you can see the cover for that right here with the 20/20 ICONS issue. Other notables for 2004 include features on Tommy Hilfiger, dressing up a bride with Vera Wang and a dedicated lens cover hosting nearly every player in that slice of the opti-arena. We will be taking on a new year every issue, and here’s hoping you take some notes and show your stuff  by connecting with me at since… in a variety of instances… there WILL be gifting… to you. For instance: Anyone care to identify the other cover players here? Happy Anniversary 20/20. So pleased to be celebrating with YOU.

—James J. Spina