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The Ultimate Accessory


All in a Name

Creative crystal detailing for both the Rx and sun side of frames makes this fashion statement (Jimmy) Crystal clear. Reap richly with a velvet-toned case and the ensemble sings.

JIMMY CRYSTAL NEW YORK 215 from A&A Optical (left); JIMMY CRYSTAL NEW YORK Engagement from A&A Optical

Powerful Roar

The Anne Klein “lion” logo is at once classic and immediately recognizable, so a case carrying that symbol concerted with eyewear and sunwear “familied” by subtle striping striations on the temples in complementing zyl and metal colorations make for a natural matchup.

ANNE KLEIN 7014 from Altair Eyewear (left); ANNE KLEIN 5025 from Altair Eyewear

Eye’ll Texture

The refined essentials and accents of the Tumi brand involve a world of incredible materials and fine detail textures, and as is evident in both the sunglasses and Rx frames depicted here, the personality and identity are proudly assigned a high profile.

TUMI Bassano UF from Base Curve/A Luxury Division of Rem Eyewear (left); TUMI 105 from Base Curve/A Luxury Division of Rem Eyewear

Gentlemen, Start Your Elegance

Harking directly to an era of fine tailoring and impeccable men’s accessories, Gant covers the full force grooming of a man’s day with this matchup of a classic zyl tortoise partnered with a finely functioned aviator sun. And the minimalistic leather case closes the manly quest perfectly.

GANT 3005 from Viva (left); GANT 2002 from Viva

Genius GUESSwork

As a brand Guess always takes the work out of delivering a brand message that is at once proud yet subtle. The complement of colorations here with a pair of leopard zyled sun specs teamed up with a misty blue hue (accented by diamond-cut detailing) make for a proud heritage fashion statement.

GUESS 7332 from Viva (left); GUESS 2415 from Viva

Depends on “Switch” You Want

Observe closely: The temples on these glasses twist from mild (solids) to wild (leopard and snakeskin) with a simple twist action that virtually turns one pair of eyewear into a virtual wardrobe. And… the case coordinates with the wilder side. Missive accomplished.