Of course we jumped at the chance recently to accompany over 100 distributors from around the globe as they revved into a sea of red and had their imaginations charged up during an exclusive tour of the Ferrari auto factory in Maranello, Italy. The scene was all part of an exclusive two-day launch celebration of Marcolin"s new Ferrari Eyewear collection. The event took place just prior to the collection’s unveiling at this year’s MIDO where Marcolin also exhibited the Ferrari FXX “dream car,” one of only 29 models so designated.

Factory guests witnessed the handbuilt artistry and craftsmanship that goes into every Ferrari and were also versed on the deep tradition of the marque’s legend during a guided tour of the Ferrari museum. A cherished treat was the chance opportunity to witness actor Paul Newman putting one of the prancing motor stallions through a high speed, track workout at the automaker’s selfcontained race course. That unexpected moment came just before two members of the tour won an occasion to race around the same track at 180 miles an hour accompanied by Ferrari’s legendary test-drivers.

From top: Two of Marcolin’s top U.S. executives, Steven Barberry, vice president, retail sales, and Drew Donley, vice president, sales, the fashion and luxury division, came away with a finer appreciation for the Ferrari brand after touring the factory in Maranello, Italy.

This Ferrari zipped two lucky distributors around the Ferrari race track at 180 miles per hour.

How do I look? Distributors from around the globe got a preview of the new Ferrari Eyewear collection from Marcolin at a special presentation.

One of the treasures from the Ferrari museum: the first Ferrari race car to take first place in the Formula 1 circuit.
We want to also mention that the Ferrari eyewear collection offers a range of 18 sun and ophthalmic models divided into two auto-typical groupings of Luxury and Sport Elite. The frames feature the iconic Ferrari prancing horse logo, rotating temples recalling the automaker’s signature scissor wing doors and red leather treatments on brow bars and temples emulating the sports car’s racing heritage. Marcolin will introduce the Ferrari sun collection to the U.S. sunwear market later this year and the complete collection to the optical market in early 2007.

—Marc Ferrara