Dealing with any product purchase on price alone is a danger zone for the consumer, the retailer and the actual manufacturer. I certainly don’t mean to take on the ongoing rash of dollar stores and bargain basement outlets but a stroll through most will deliver what can be an entertaining but usually crappy experience.

Junk is… Junk. And the first layer shaved off is quality. Don’t go searching for craftsmanship or tuned-in care when it comes to inexpensively priced items. The details and the actual detail work are the biggest sacrifice when it comes to making cheap junk. And that goes for any product from household goods to… well… actual houses! Big-ticket items such as refrigerators and tiny staples like… staples(!) all deem themselves doomed without some sense of care and craft in their creation.

And this holds equally true for… eyewear.

It is fitting 20/20 would spend a full feature on eyewear in this hotly contested arena of moderate pricing dubbed here as your optical Hot$pot. This is the very level of dispensing that pits most any practice in the challenge of eyewear smartly priced for that giant chunk of consumers looking to purchase glasses up to quality standards befitting their quest for better vision, with the added factor of style thrown in for enhanced measure. And it is this very $pot that puts you in play with winning consumers away from the decidedly lower level often offered in the surge of online eyewear entities trying to sidestep the eyecare professional.

It might surprise some that the eyewear editorially depicted in this 20/20 Hot$pots feature covers a range of parameters without ever sacrificing quality. You could literally stock a store completely with Independent Eyewear brands at this moderate price category. And likewise, one could cater to the lifestyle and fashion branding needs of patients without breaking their bank and certainly offering viable alternatives that are as stylish as possible.

I really feel the need to reinforce the fact that there’s no junk here. This eyewear is GOOD STUFF. Take on any one of these vendors or continue doing biz with them fully trusting the fact that you are delivering great specs and doing it with the best needs AND wants of your patients in mind.

I’d wear eyewear as depicted here with no qualms or considerations.

Correction: I do actually wear eyewear as featured in this issue. It’s my Hot$pot too!

James J. Spina
[email protected]