Under an exclusive contract with Sally Hansen, the popular nail and beauty product line, The McGee Group launches Sally Hansen Eyewear. The collection, which consists of six ophthalmic styles, is targeted to teens and women of all ages who want products they can trust. Shapes include rounded ovals and rectangles in semi-rimless and full-rimmed designs. Frames are made of double- and triple-zyl laminates, metal and metal/zyl combinations with such embellishments as rhinestones and metal studs. Spring hinges and adjustable nosepads add comfort. Each style is offered in three colors, whimsically named after Sally Hansen nail products—Pat on the Black, Poppy Love, Beautiful Berry.



“Fashion and color are important when it comes to eyewear and cosmetics. We are taking those elements and creating fashionable eyewear in seasonal colors like Sally Hansen does with its products,” says Wayne McGee, McGee Group president and CEO. “It’s a natural fit to partner with a brand that has such a strong heritage and popularity at the retail level. We couldn’t be more thrilled
to be working with a prestigious company like Del Laboratories and its Sally Hansen division.”


Merchandising materials include a three-cube display, countercard, logoed disposable camera, brochure, sell sheet, logo plaque and static cling sticker. The “Have You Seen Sally” advertising campaign will be featured in conjunction with Sally Hansen in consumer magazines and trade publications. Each frame comes with a coordinating case, lens cloth and bottle of Sally Hansen nail polish.

$$. For additional information, contact The McGee Group, (800) 966-2020; web site: www.mcgeegroup.com

Sally Hansen, a leading company in nail color and nail treatment, sells 115 bottles of nail polish every minute.