The eyewear and sunwear style game was changing in a big, bold and beautiful way. After a somber few years, color and dramatic shapes were anew with passionate profiles and a sense of accessorEYEzed leadership that would see eyewear stepping up as the true ultimate accessory. This March 2008 20/20 cover declared the aura with a feature beholding a wonderful new collection and a story detailing the clout of powerful and coordinated designer branding. We remain proud of our Folio Eddie Award in the Retail, Single Article category for this Vision Expo-timed feature.

–James J. Spina

Back up to a decade ago when 20/20 noted men’s eyewear was stepping up its game with high- profile frames marked by definitive shapes and bold colorations after years of being barely a whisper in terms of style. We knew the position was a winner, waiting with energy. This Modern Man special edition won min’s Integrated Marketing Award as Men’s frames proved newfound domination in the eyewear arena. You heard it here first: That’s a classy Lafont peeking out of that pocket.