Photographed by DANIEL MATALLANA

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Havana Blushes

Seriously… Is there anything tortoise can’t do? Eyewear’s favorite coloration is a boundless opportunity.

NATHALIE BLANC PARIS Clara from Ultimate Vision

Heading Right Tortoise

The Ultimate Destination for 2023 is easily Havana.

CAROLINA HERRERA 0080 from Safilo

Rimless Goes… Bold

There’s nothing invisible here. It’s a confident feast for lenses and a minimal framing on face.

PARADIGM Marvin from Kenmark Eyewear

Mystery Booked

See the green!? Note the gloss black!? Celebrate the subtle front groove and stark shaping, all intended to promote sheer simplicity.

JACQUES DURAND Gavi XL from Gramercy Eyewear

Bar Exam

Tortoise accents bring curated attention to this quiet double brow bar display.

TED BAKER TM012 from Tura

This Season’s Hottest Mix

Tasked with tortoise, pink pulls in some sexy added drama.

SALVATORE FERRAGAMO 1060S from Marchon Eyewear

A Hound Howls

Houndstooth details sandwiched by cub scout blue and yellow with a crystal blue frame-in-a-frame accent. Need we say… Only Lafont can deliver this.

LAURE from Lafont

Skull Eyeland

Details abound including a skull and crossbones, tortoise, black and a dominant brow treatment making the spot.

PHILIPP PLEIN Military Orlando SPP046V from De Rigo Rem

Bright Idea

Black meets bold accents of white and all’s right.

LOEWE 40090I from Thelios

Aviation’s Future Forward

The top brow accelerates as a new shape geometry ascends for Rx aviators.

ANDY WOLF 4780 from Andy Wolf Eyewear

It’s your main focus. You must look forward.
Debuts only happen on rare and special occasions.
And that occasion is NOW.
Well back in the day, eyewear styles slowly evolved.
But as the overlap of spectacular specs and a passion for how glasses define a personality sharpened and shifted, eyeglasses became a wonderful combination of what is classic and yet new.
So… YOU need to think DEBUT.
And… on that note… The Eyes Have It.

–James J. Spina