Here’s a nice little reminder that although 20/20 mostly features eyewear, sunwear and lens products, our mission statement is Perfect Vision and that is all about EYES. That said, perhaps we had a bit of an influence on best-selling writer Andrew Gross when he was on the cover of 20/20. His newest novel “Eyes Wide Open” features the word in its title, a frightened pair of eyes in the rearview mirror of a car illustrated on the dust jacket AND a series of clues centered on eyes in the context of this superb thriller. Give it a read. Your own eyes won’t rest for a second until you finish. It is an amazingly fast-paced tale intently... visualized.   
—James J. Spina

Author Andy Gross is definitely pondering something mysterious behind those Lanvin style 3132 specs from Cachet/L’Amy. Just guessing, but it could be that the plot for “Eyes Wide Open” flashed before HIS eyes during this exclusive 20/20 photo shoot of “The Write Men in the Right Glasses.”