Photographed by NED MATURA

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Frames are a wealth of incredible materials. And that rich bounty yet again delivers the message of eyewear as an ultimate accessory AND necessity.

From top: STELLA MCCARTNEY 50020I from Thelios; MARSEILLE 8183 from Silhouette; DIMENSION Ezick from Gotti Switzerland

SUPERIOR from State Optical

From top: BON TON from l.a.Eyeworks; FACE A FACE Cilaos 1 from Design Eyewear Group

From top: FLEXON 1002 from Marchon Eyewear; TLG NUCP049 from L’Amy America

FYSH 3679 from WestGroupe

From top: CLUB LEVEL DESIGNS 9341 from SD Eyes; OGA 10156O from Morel

MODO 4245S from Modo

From top: ROUNDTEN 002 from Villa Eyewear; SANDRO 4019 from Mondottica USA

From top: IGREEN V4.59 from Thema – A Family Factory; TOM FORD Leah 849 from Marcolin; LIFE IS GOOD Janette from The McGee Group; KARLI from Teka Eyewear

POLAROID D432 from Safilo

LIFESAVER from Morgenthal Frederics

FILA VFI185 from De Rigo Rem

From top: RANDY JACKSON 1115 from Zyloware; TITAN FLEX 827051 from Tura; JHANE BARNES Synodic from Kenmark Eyewear; ASPIRE Loving from ClearVision Optical

From top: CLIMB from Wiley X; PRADA SPS 02X from Luxottica

KIEZ MOTIF from ic! berlin

This Frame side of the total Eyewear equation is yours to define.
You tell the stories of its making.
You set the mark of its reason for being the best that it can be.
The drama and depth and desirability of this eyewear tale is bountiful.
Explore these Elements of Eyewear.
It is to the benefit of the wearer.
It is to your benefit.

–James J. Spina