I’m of the perspective that one must move through this life with a constant awareness of the past, an attunement to the present and a confident take on what the future holds in order to deliver a maximum experience in life. That formula comes into play in every aspect of what I am: My family, my goals, my interests (music, cars, EYEWEAR) and everyone I interact with on a daily basis.

Let me take that right to this issue at hand and its multilayered feature of “Must Have Glasses,” and the 20/20 team at foundation to this ongoing communication missive.

I’ve wanted to coin an issue around the concept of “Editor’s Picks” for some time but my hesitation came from the fact that each issue for years now has been exactly that. On a monthly basis, this 20/20 team gathers around a feast of submitted eyewear much like a postal-delivered trade show. We try eyewear on. We drool over the best. Faults of quality are highlighted. Tried and true trends get debated. Style details are notated as we ready 50 to 70 frames each month for a variety of photo shoots unmatched by any other publication source in optical.

These layers of detail and scrutiny filter into every initiative at task from new products pages through to main photo features and 20/20 e-blasts, Peek videos, Facebook and Instagram posts each day.

I love being witness to the process, and this issue gave me a chance to observe this brew of writers and art directors deliver insight on the eyewear and sunwear at hand. Nice to see it happened in an overt way as we also tallied up the choices of readers in the annual EyeVote. This moment-to-moment process is an overview of all things eyewear related from the past, the present and the future.

I’d pass this issue to Keith Richards in a second as he peruses his Parting Glance place in the past impacting sun choices. There’s no doubting Art Director Iris Johnson has her eye on the street right now via Street Seen. And the whole team has the privilege of gazing at a conference table full of eyewear with a gift of skill and talent capable of predicting the future where you need to be in this whirl of eyewear and sunwear.

Happy New Year just one year away from 2020 knowing 20/20 is ready to make everyday a celebration of sight and insight.

James J. Spina
[email protected]