You couldn’t have dreamed a better beach day. Both sunrise and sunset were postcard perfect. The sand was pure white, crystal fine and pristine clean. The water waved peacefully and shimmered in a splash of light variations God-like in movement and visual majesty. I was SO comfortable and content that the sumptuous blanket food feasts served for breakfast and lunch barely phased my attention. This was THE most idyllic sunwear shoot I’ve experienced in at least 10 years of chiefing the edit on this annual 20/20 sunwear issue.
But wait a second. I’m heading home and there’s no sand stuck between my toes. It’s starting to rain and snow is a definite threat before I reach Penn Station.

Penn Station? Snow? No sand?

Well… actually there was sand and HUGE postcards, so to speak, of dazzling sunsets and sunrises, and two picture-perfect models baring all but their eyes in the best assortment of swimwear and swimdare and, of course, the best sunwear ever. And all the visually captured excitement was created by photographer Ned Matura as he studio-shoot-partnered with art director Iris Johnson on the amazing sunwear feature dubbed “SUNsational” on pages 33 through 53.

I suppose it was inevitable. We’ve spent the last few years struggling to shoot sunwear on location but off-season (meaning we were always freezing) in order to make the point that sunglasses are an every day and all year necessity for everyone. And by everyone we mean… everyone. But since it was quite obvious that the sunwear coming in for review this year was the hottest in terms of style, quality and features we decided to retreat indoors and create a sizzling beach backdrop to make our point.

Honestly, sunwear has never been better… or bigger on the retailing landscape. Shades are simply the best fashion accessory out there these days in an often complicated (and crowded) retail marketplace. I know it seems like I’ve been saying that for years. Well, actually I have but now it’s beyond true. It is a bold and emblazoned fact and you need to embrace sun like… like… like… well, like the earth does. Or at least like Ned and Iris did, delivering this year’s SUNsational January 2008 20/20. Happy Now Year.