Photographed by Ned Matura

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Artist by Profession

Is it the shape? Or... is it the detail cuts delivering a complex blend of perfect colorations? Both. And… More.

ESSENTIAL 1696 from Prodesign Denmark

He's Got the Silver

Permit us the chance to quietly say this particular frame is indescribably good from shape to size. The sizzle here is modern, minimal and timelessly durable.

JIL SANDER 2138 from Marchon Eyewear

Shape Shifter

Uplifting in every way with a delicate crafting that says Eye Need and Want this frame.

OGI Evolution 4501 from Ogi Eyewear

From top: ERNEST HEMINGWAY 4625 from New York Eye; TITANFLEX 820578 from Tura; JHANE BARNES Cotangent from Kenmark Group; JOSEPH ABBOUD 4016 from Altair Eyewear

From top: GANT WOMEN Letey from Viva International Group; ARGYLECULTURE BY RUSSELL SIMMONS Tatum from The McGee Group; PERRY ELLIS 308 from Eyewear Designs; PRADA VPR 09O from Luxottica

Man in his Element

... And that element would be the ultra-modern use of carbon fiber, burnished to a neo coloration that is at once bold yet mannered with the traits of a perfect gentleman.

HOMERE from Lafont

From top: REVOLUTION 740 from Revolution Eyewear; COLUMBIA Venture Creek from L’Amy America

Less is Amore

Saddle up for this lightest and richest eyewear experience.

JOHN VARVATOS 144 from Base Curve/A Luxury Division of Rem Eyewear

From top: BIGGU 734 from Menizzi Eyewear; WOOD U? WD704 by Black Forever from Eastern States Eyewear; CAZAL 3016 from Eastern States Eyewear and Ultra Palm Optical

From top: ETCHED BY ZYLOWARE XP 605M from Zyloware; CHARRIOL SPORT SP23000 from Colors in Optics; RMX 5 from Robert Marc

Your Pale Blue Eyes

A seemingly rimless style attains a blush of color. Eyes open in a wonder of round as MYKITA exclaims "Wire you surprised?"


PURE EYEWEAR 321 from Legacie/The Luxury House of B. Robinson Optical; LINE ART XL 2215 from Charmant Group; MODERN SHADES 5246 from Silhouette Optical

Engraved in Our Hearts: W.A.N.T.

Art... Framed.

MATSUDA 2808HC from Matsuda Eyewear

Clockwise from top: SUPER CONDUCTOR from KBL; MARC ECKO CUT & SEW Black Ops from ClearVision Optical; BRANDO from Spy Optic; DIOR HOMME 0152 from Sàfilo USA