We proudly admit it, many of us geek out about optics and optical fashion—you know who you are! Our brains are frequently in a feeding frenzy, and we “must know more” (picture Frankenstein’s monster arms outstretched). We are fortunate to work in this fascinating field—what could be more interesting than sight? Whatever your “opti-geekdar” is attracted to, at 20/20 Pro to Pro we’ve got you.

Many, many years ago (yes, that many) I came to rely on 20/20 for continuing education and to learn more about my trade and the industry. And we all continue to rely on it for education, industry news and to see beautiful new frames and learn about fashion trends, lens advancements and more.

Did I mention how COOL it is working for 20/20 and Vision Monday? It is wild and fun to learn this side of our industry. The talent and the amount of knowledge of the likes of Marc Ferrara, Marge Axelrad, James Spina and Andy Karp, to name a fraction of those who contribute, is crazy! I’m learning at warp speed!

At Pro to Pro, we are all about you the ECP, the dispensing optician. This December issue is dedicated to ABO and NCLE continuing education and features some of our favorite CE courses and Pro to Pro articles from 2018.

Thank you to all of the contributing authors who wrote CEs for us in 2018. Who knew that we would learn to pronounce Homonymous Hemianopsia, I practiced! Thank you Charlie Saccarelli. And we always learn from the sage wisdom of Mark Mattison-Shupnick, Linda Conlin, Barry Santini, Andrew Bruce, Tina Lahti, Renato Cappuccitti, Mikaela Krueger, David Lineaweaver and Jason Vallad.

A big thank you to the optical companies that generously sponsored free continuing education in 2018: HOY
A, Mitsui, Costa, iCoat, Zeiss and Shamir. All of these courses can be accessed anytime at 2020mag.com/education.

Speaking of which, we have two great FREE CE courses in this issue: “Designed to Match Your Visual Age” sponsored by Shamir and “Closing the UV Protection Gap” sponsored by Zeiss. Be sure to check them out.

I want to thank YOU for making 20/20 Pro to Pro your resource for continuing education.

Deborah Kotob
[email protected]