We’ve seen numerous examples of modern technology transforming into accessories (think the Bluetooth earpiece or iPod headphones), but rarely do we see traditional accessories transform into pieces of modern technology. TriSpecs Blue Tooth Stereo Fashion Eyewear brings fashion eyewear into the digital era by installing blue tooth and MP3 capabilities and headphones into sunglass temples.

TriSpecs sunglasses work by connecting wirelessly to Bluetooth capable phones and MP3 players. Retractable ear buds pull down from the temple tips and fit comfortably in the ear. Conspicuously placed buttons along the temple allow the user to control the MP3 player, adjust volume or answer phone calls. The eyewear can be connected to two different devices simultaneously allowing one to listen to their MP3 player as well as receive phone calls.

The eyewear requires some patience to set up initially, but once the set up is completed, operating the MP3 or Bluetooth function is fairly easy. Although TriSpecs play to the sport-look with their frame style and the temples are muscled-up as well, they are an interesting spin on the future and function of eyewear.    

—Jaclyn Stewart