Lend me a buck. Don’t worry... I WON’T pay it back. Seriously, don’t even send it to me. What I’d like you to do is go directly to 2020mag.com/ipadapp or 2020mag.com/iphoneapp and buy the brand new 20/20 magazine app. At under a dollar, it’s a bargain.

The world is going app crazy but it is a delight to report that with just .03 percent of the whole magazine publishing world represented in the Apple iTunes App store, 20/20 hails as one of the first with an up and running and approved (no easy task since Apple has some tough review parameters) digital edition of 20/20 magazine.

The edit, art and production team worked hard with our printer RR Donnelly to get this extremely graphic edition up and running well ahead of the pack of consumer and trade publications. The intended mission is to now update and enhance what is, in fact, a living and growing communication source shared by our editors, our publisher, our readers (both opti-pros and consumers) and loyal support clients.

Hey. Don’t get me wrong. The magazine you hold in your hand (unless you’ve already bought the app in these last few seconds and sentences) is the mother ship. I’m a diehard mag nut with no intention of abandoning one of the most viable sources of information in publishing.

Print is alive and thriving but the days of just printed paper delivering a verbal and visual message are over. Any magazine worth its mettle needs action on all fronts from print to Facebook to Twitter to apps and through to websites (2020mag.com is actually on the verge of a massive revamp) with an ongoing commitment to rebuilding every word of the way.

The new app is already due for some enhancing steps and a wave of interactive and exclusive internet-related bonuses delivered to you once you step on board with that buck.

If you’ve hung around on our 20/20 social networking stage you already know of some outstanding video coverage and Behind-the-Seens fun up for grabs. Our online CE test takers also know the experience of education and webinars is alive and well.

Like eyewear, 20/20 is looking to be in and on your face as often as you would like. The app is the current best way to stay in sight with us when you need a quick (or enduring) optical hit. Here’s hoping you make 2020mag on app an equal Opti-Hit.  

James J. Spina