Switch Vision LLC, a new sunwear company, launches Switch, a sports performance sunglass collection featuring a patent-pending, magnetic, interchange lens system, consisting of small, powerful magnets embedded in both the lens and frame so users can swap lenses in and out quickly as light conditions and activities change. The launch collection has four styles (three eight-base and one six-base designs) with two lens shapes and five colors per design.The sunglasses are sold in kits: glare kits include two pairs of sports performance lenses and one polarized lens; sun kits contain three pairs of sports performance sun lenses. Each kit contains LensPods, small, hinged hard cases that protect spare lenses. The Switch collection also offers a sun Rx program, sun readers and a wide selection of polarized sports performance and specialty lenses.

Photographed by Annie Gallagher/Black Box studio

“Magnetic interchange lens technology is a quantum leap forward. It’s not just a new product. “It opens up a whole new category in sunwear,” says David Chute, president, CEO and co-founder of Switch. Switch chairman and co-founder Anthony P. DiChiara adds: “We’ve invested a lot of money over the past three years refining the technology to make Switch both functionally superior and aesthetically elegant.”

Merchandising materials include a 14-place rotating display with technology demonstrator, large and small countercards, banner, frame board signage and logo plaque.

(Frame with three lenses) $$$ to $$$$$ for polarized option. For additional information, contact Switch Vision at (877) 733-7948; web site: www.switchvision.com

Switch Vision is a start-up founded on technology conceived and developed by the owners of Liberty Sport, the protective sports eyewear company that distributes Rec Specs. Although majority owned by the DiChiara family, the owners of Liberty Sport, Switch Vision is a separately managed company that shares back-office and operational facilities with Liberty Sport.