Sutro Vision’s first ophthalmic collection, featuring the newest version of the company’s patented Ratchet Hinge, debuts. This innovative design addresses the weakest point in conventional eyewear construction: the hinge. The new Ratchet Hinge used for acetate frames has a revolutionary 3D lance design that anchors the hinge into the frame from all directions. Not only is the connection to the frame 10 times stronger, according to Sutro, than a heat-staked or riveted hinge, it also gives the frame structure for a more consistent fit over time with fewer adjustments needed. As with the current Ratchet Hinge, this one will not loose screws, stays closed when needed and offers a light, balanced spring fit. The initial collection consists of five modern classics all constructed of Japanese zyl. Four additional styles will be introduced this season.

Photographed by Ken Lee/Black Box Studio

“Sutro is not about fashion for fashion’s sake or innovation that has no function,” says Doug Smith, Sutro vice president of sales. “At a time when every dollar counts, Sutro offers an excellent value proposition. Our frames are not inexpensive, but considering how long they last and the lack of service they require, a retailer can feel very comfortable selling them to someone who only can only afford one good pair of frames.”

Merchandising tools include solid wood/stainless-steel logo blocks, countercards and DVD clinics for sales people.

$$$$$. For additional information, contact Sutro Vision, (415) 974-0308; web site:

The Ratchet Hinge keeps the frame closed when hanging from a shirt pocket, allowing the use of a lighter spring that centers the frame on the face without pressure.