Photographed by BLEACHER + EVERARD

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With a golden glow and the “color scent” of rose, Kering’s Altuzarra says hello to eyewear’s newest SUNprize.

Altuzarra 0003S from KERING EYEWEAR

Going Topless

The dramatic impact of the actual framing on the rim’s sides and bottom makes this Diesel shield all the more emboldened with its cutting-edge upper rimless design.

DIESEL 0248 from Marcolin

Envy & Ivory

There’s white… There’s glacial white… and then there’s glacial/ivory white. For that daring trend there’s THIS.

FYSH UK 2028 from WestGroupe

Three-Piece Suited

Varvatos has a “vested” interest in the iconic status of sunwear in rock ’n’ roll. And here he rocks that look with a classic rimless snap. Round of applause.

JOHN VARVATOS V525 from De Rigo Rem

In Fashion Circle

The Calvin Klein brand is redefining minimal, and this maxi-round gold statement rises to this new occasion with a balancing and scent-sitive rose tone.

CALVIN KLEIN 2161S from Marchon Eyewear


The moment of a sunwear style built on negative space and dual layers of identity is in full bloom. Double up.

SERAPHIN Avalon Sun from Ogi Eyewear (on her); ORIGINAL PENGUIN “The Suspender” from Kenmark Eyewear (on him)

Ring of Fire

Silhouette’s inimitable reflective lens ring is a statement unique to this venerated heritage eyewear brand.

SILHOUETTE 8695 from Silhouette

Hide & Seek Rims

The most legendary aviator in sunwear fine tunes its appeal with a shimmering hidden rim and super-sleek top brow bar. An icon redefines itself.

RAY-BAN 3584-N from Luxottica

Auto Exotica

As with the brand itself… the Ultimate “Eyeing” Machine replete with brushed metal detailing which delivers a clip-like personality.

BMW 6542 from Aspex Eyewear