You have the perfect sports glass for cycling, boating, golfing… But to function at top form, the glass has to be in top form… and close at hand. Call in the support team—the perfect case, a stylish—and adjustable —cord, lens cleaners designed for sports eyewear—a lineup no dispensary should be without.

Clockwise from left: IP68X, zipper wrap case with belt hook, from Astucci U.S. HILCO HOLDERS, eyeglass retainer, from Hilco; CAMO CASE with zipper handle from LBI Cases and Accessories; SPORTLOOP from La Loop; NC-BRNLEATHER, leather neck cord, from Accessories by Ron’s Optical


  • Oversize hard cases and pouches designed for eightand
    nine-base wraps
  • Pop-tops for quick access
  • Clips to secure cases to belts and packs
  • Rubberized or non-absorbent case and cord materials
  • Floating cases and retainers
  • Adjustable headbands and cords
  • Anti-fog lens cleaners
  • Vibrant, easy-to-spot colors