From Superman to super boss, BOSS EYEWEAR and SAFILO hintroduce international film star Henry Cavill as their new global brand ambassador and the face of the new BOSS Eyewear campaign. Best known for his dual role as Clark Kent and Superman, Cavill was the first non-American actor to step into Superman’s iconic costume in Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel,” and went on to star in “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “Justice League.” He appears in this summer’s “Mission Impossible: Fallout” opposite Tom Cruise. Working alongside co-producers Charlie Cavill and Ben Blankenship, Cavill founded Promethean Productions in order to challenge himself creatively and expand on his involvement in the industry. In addition to his sharp focus on acting, Cavill deeply involves himself with philanthropies such as the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and The Royal Marines Charity.

Under the creative direction of art director Ben Kelway, BOSS Eyewear’s latest campaign, #SharpenYourFocus, transmits the concept of concentration, drive and vision. Photographed by Paul Wetherell with a monochromatic background stripped of props, Cavill is captured in a moment of calm and concentration. The images convey determination and a clear message: to sharpen the focus on what is important.

Cavill explains the role BOSS Eyewear and the #SharpenYourFocus campaign plays in his life.

How did you come to collaborate with BOSS Eyewear, and why was it appealing to you?
The partnership was appealing to me because I’ve always been a fan of classic styles, and I feel that BOSS Eyewear has done them remarkably well.

Tell us about the campaign and your role in the campaign.
This campaign is all about focus, which is an essential part of what I do and achieving the goals that I want to achieve. So, naturally being the brand ambassador for this campaign is something that I enjoy doing!

Which is your favorite BOSS Eyewear style from the collection?
The BOSS 0968/S is my favorite style from the collection. I own it in brown Havana with gray lenses.

What do you like most about the styling and brand?
I like that it is cool, sharp and bold but not overbearing in its style.

Why do you think BOSS chose you as their brand ambassador?
I believe that the BOSS campaign message and my own approach to life align seamlessly, so that partnership was a natural development.

If asked to design a pair of sunglasses for BOSS, what would they look like?
That’s a very good question, and like the variety available in the BOSS Eyewear range, I don’t think I could settle for just one look. I’d like to design a variety, suitable for different occasions.

Do you wear sunglasses on the red carpet? How do you think this adds to the look?
I’m a believer in time and place when it comes to sunglasses. Yes, they absolutely add to a look, say at a summer film festival on the red carpet.

The 2018 campaign is all about focusing. Do you consider yourself a focused guy and if yes, why?
I do consider myself a focused guy, I think it’s necessary for achieving one’s goals. A lack of focus can often lead to a lack of results.

How would you say being focused applies to your acting career?
It applies in many ways, whether it be on a scene, developing a story to be made into a movie or TV program, or training to achieve a physical look. Without it the best of one’s work won’t shine through.

—Kathryn Burba