By Alex Bennett

This experience with my doctor can be a terrific opportunity for every office. The result of that experience has generated business where there was virtually none. It has also shaped how our doctors discuss glasses with their patients.

The experience interaction went something like this:

Doctor: “Ms. Mary Jane has no change in her prescription and does not need new
glasses—she is good to go.”

Optician (Me): “Are you sure there isn’t something being overlooked? How are your
prescription sunglasses?”

Ms. Jane: “Well, I don’t have any. Can you put a prescription in sunglasses?”

Optician (Me): “Yes! And your insurance benefit makes them quite affordable.”

Ms. Jane left after purchasing new prescription sunglasses, despite having no change in her vision. The doctor was flat out shocked. Personally, I feel that an oft-missed opportunity is that of the patient with an unchanged prescription.

The Opportunity: The patient hears their prescription hasn’t changed. Naturally they think they don’t need new glasses. This is when opticians can educate the patient that one pair of glasses doesn’t always meet the need of every wearer. We can discuss patient solutions such as office lenses. These can alleviate muscle strain and soreness associated with Digital Eyestrain (formerly CVS or Computer Vision Syndrome) as a result of using traditional progressive lenses in the office. Did the doctor ask the patient about this? Or are you going to be the hero and present these options to the patient?