Photographed by Stephen Mark Sullivan

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O My

Round about now, perfect pink might be the boldest sun statement of the fashion runway, and that added gradient ingredient makes it extra radiant.


Rock and Role

Nothing extreme here. This one is all about perfect face-to-frame volume, intense black zyl colorations with light reflective detailing and a hint of tortoise only when you get up close and personal. And… close or afar… this sunglass will always be remembered as legendary.

JOHN VARVATOS V753 from Base Curve/ A Luxury Division of Rem Eyewear

Call Me Unpredictable

Yes, of course, you know Silhouette and its iconic minimal take on rimless eyewear and sunwear... but... you also need to know THIS Silhouette.

MELODY 3190 from Silhouette Optical

A Perfect Marriage

What happens when a snappy aviator meets a swell, preppy type? THIS! So happy together, no matter the weather.

ORIGINAL PENGUIN “The Everett” from Kenmark Group

Nearly Guyland

SO many men’s eyewear style elements here but that wisp of a cateye upturn at the temple worships HER SUNsation.

GUESS BY MARCIANO 662 from Viva International Group

Get ON to My Cloud

Frosted and hazy zyl colorations define the scenario for this season in the sun.

ROUGH JUSTICE Vicious from Signature Eyewear

Per Sol: (translation) For the Sun

… For the sun... for the son... for the father... and... for ANY man wanting what many consider the guy’s ultimate spot in the shade(s).

PERSOL 3047-S from Luxottica

She Stars in Eye Spy

Proof positive that sport experts are masterfully clever when it comes to fashion finesse and flair.

HONEY from Spy

Club Blue

Interesting and subtle colorblock effect mates a dense Havana upper rim and temples to a deep, noir blue lower eye rim. Men especially have a solid affinity for these colorations so this combo makes for ideal teamwork.

ECO Dallas from Modo Eyewear

British Inversion

Combine a Savile Row sense of status with some military madness and you have a Baker’s recipe for taking a classic clubman look into some unique Anglo-worshipping sunspace.

TED BAKER B603 from Tura