Let the Eye Feast begin. Season it well with the finest sources of sun. Every face awaits. It is indeed your time to embrace the best in sun specs. Bon Appétit. Sun Appétit.

–James J. Spina

Photographed by Stephen Mark Sullivan

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Long on Style; Champs on Design

An ultimate accessory brand toasts eyewear as its perfect and ultimate partner.

LONGCHAMP 604S from Marchon Eyewear

Advanced Geometry

Arch Angles to the MAX of high eye style. From Roth never anything less and always something MORE.

VENTRILOQUIST from Christian Roth

Going on Record

Playing up the resurge in classic vinyl records, HIP these days means being PREPared. And these frames power chord the whole “music” theme with the detail of a guitar stock temple tip as well.

VINYL FACTORY De La Rocha from Mad Vision

Let’s Shoot a Double!

Double bridges both done brill. A classy collegiate take on a frame-in-a-frame and “foiling” a classic. Whew. Lots going on here for these two.

DIBERGI from SALT. Optics (on her); JOHN VARVATOS Windsor 518 from De Rigo Rem (on him)

Eyes of the Tiger

Yes, there’s the CatEye shape, but it’s the wild stripes, that dramatic crystal webbing and some deft coloring that makes these shades ROAR.

TRINA TURK Abacos from The McGee Group

Double Bridge… Minus ONE!

Take a trend and then… subtract. We like that math. And always remember the plus one of doing something good whenever it involves TOMS.


Hippy Hippy Hooray

YSL got the round/retro memo and took it to golden extremes of fine taste.

SAINT LAURENT 136 Zero from Kering Eyewear

Extremely CATchy

Wide-eyed with feline wonder.


Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

The grand masters of color take to hiding the slightest hint of sky blue in a tobacco-smoked crystal.

JUSTIN from Kirk & Kirk

Welcome to… Paradis

We’ve noted this before for the powers that be behind this new brand. As asides: Two bars as one and those gleaming nosepads knowing comfort to the max. Once again… Enter Sandsman.

GURU from Paradis Collection