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An oversized square sunglass garners compliments all summer long with a delicate design and faded crystal blue hues.

–Victoria Garcia

FYSH 2043 from WestGroupe


Independent eyewear brands continuously make a statement with their impeccably designed and comfortable styles. Silhouette exemplifies these characteristics with this feminine sunglass with colorful lenses and lightweight materials.

–Victoria Garcia

TITAN ACCENT SHADES 8174 from Silhouette


Jimmy Crystal always delivers dramatic sunwear with Swarovski crystal elements that are daring yet sophisticated. This aviator sunglass in gold offers bright stones on the temples that add a touch of glamour to a timeless shape.

–Victoria Garcia


Casual Cool

Lounging poolside or on the go, this lightweight khaki sunglass with thin metal temples pairs classic comfort with style.

–Christine Yeh

INVU 219 from Europa International

Life's a Beach

From winter through to summer, sunwear is as essential to shore devotion as the surf itself. And nothing signifies surf like a venerated surfer brand. This sun spec from SD Eyes has it all from its ability to stare down glare right through to a swagger of casual style.

–James J. Spina

RIP CURL Mavericks from SD Eyes

"It’s a modern take on a classic design. The nosepads make it versatile, giving you the ability to fit a variety of bridges. The drop bridge gives it a strong upward movement creating a nice lift. The polarized clip adds a beautiful transition into a classic sunglass. I love how the colorblocking pairs different colors together to give it a more interesting and complementary color combination. The metal core in the temples will help the frame keep its adjustment longer.”

–Heather Morris Vyhovsky, Practice Administrator
Littlefield Eye Associates, Kansas City, Mo.


This convenient sleek clip-on turns an optical frame into a full-fledged fashion piece with its chic dark lenses and double bar.

–Jillian Urcelay

OGI 9133 from Ogi Eyewear  

"This particular Revo sunglass is bringing history back to life. We love that Revo uses NASA lens technology, making this sunglass even more unique. We are so proud to offer a sleek design with legendary lens quality and protection. I specifically love the fact that it filters harmful UV, HEV and blue light. It’s super exciting to be able to offer such a great frame and lens technology to our patients, especially when we’re so close to the Kennedy Space Center here in Florida."

–Ihsaniye Basaran, Optical Manager
Blahnik Eye Care, Port Orange, Fla.

Timeless Take

From the beach to city streets, an iconic aviator sunglass never goes out of style, especially when paired with Revo’s vibrant high-contrast polarized lenses for ultimate visual clarity.

–Jillian Urcelay

REVO Conrad from ClearVision Optical

Life on THE Water

Frames for active men and women are an essential segment of the sunwear category. Wiley X provides sunglasses and lenses that enhance visual clarity for all outdoor activities and environments while offering the latest technology.

–Victoria Garcia

OMEGA from Wiley X
Photo: Slate and Glass/Justin Michau

Championship Season

One would be hard-pressed to note a stronger brand name than Champion, but a true star never sits on past laurels. The name now roars on a multileveled playing field of collections, and that muscled selection of sunwear solutions gives your clients numerous options when it comes to being SUNsational. Sport-specific. Got that. Lifestyle focused. Got that. Luxury as the ultimate accessory. They are there as well.

–James J. Spina

CHAMPION C Life Jones from L’Amy America

"In Utah, outdoor recreational activities are popular year round, making UV protection and sunwear imperative all year long. With COVID-19 and the shutdowns that come with it, even people who do not normally participate in these activities are now trying them and need appropriate sunwear.”

–Natalie Humphries, ABOC, Optical Manager
Mountain View Eye Center, Layton, Utah

Extreme Trust

Lifestyle brands fulfill commitments. And in the case of Eddie Bauer, that promise covers a range of potential from deep exploration gear to casual lifestyle apparel and accessories. This is a brand built on a true explorer, and the sunglasses deliver that range of impeccable function and classic style deemed worthy of that loyalty.

–James J. Spina

EDDIE BAUER 32037 from Charmant USA


The view is always colorful through the Polaroid lenses. The yellow rims on this roundish frame light up the face, while the eyes shine behind copper tinted lenses.

–Christine Yeh

POLAROID 6114/S from Safilo

"Warm days and sunshine are what got my family through our county’s shelter in place. We were outside and on the water as much as the weather would allow. Like us, our patients have been stuck at home and are ready to see what’s out there. I think that this summer we will see more people outdoors than in years past. I also believe they will be demanding higher quality products.”

–Stacie Layne Virden, OD, FAAO
Waco Vision Source, Waco, Texas


Built for life on and off the water, Costa’s polarized sunglasses protect the eyes with style. Sea and smile in bright blue mirror sunglasses contrasted with champagne crystal.

–Christine Yeh

TYBEE from Costa

"I think people are looking for their purchases to have a feel-good factor right now. People still want to feel beautiful and wear something that makes them stand out. With video calls from the neck up and our faces covered by masks when we go out, eyewear and sunwear are becoming more important as accessories for people to showcase their personal style.”

–Laura Howard, Designer
Kenmark Eyewear


Blending lavender lenses with a beige frame construction, this Zac Posen sunglass style combines a timeless, easy-to-wear design with a modern, stylish sensibility.

–Jillian Urcelay

ZAC POSEN Viv from Kenmark Eyewear

Double Trouble

Bring on the drama with one of the latest sunglass styles from Lulu Guinness. With an alluring combination of a CatEye and oval shape, these sparkly shades are sure to make a statement.

–Victoria Garcia

LULU GUINNESS 145 from Tura

It accents a New Day. It energizes life in an ongoing manner suited to any challenge. It sheds light, comforting resolution and the brilliance of moving forward.

It’s Sunrise and as you move into your New Dawn… your New Day, you should greet the beginning as well with the universal solution of Sunwear.

For years the big vendors in the market have carved out an increasing presence of their sunglass offerings. And that has been increasingly echoed by all of your eyewear sources. There is purpose to that.

People LOVE Sunwear. And you need to make that your advantage as the expert for all of their sunglass needs and… WANTS.

Your clients… your customers… your patients are truly looking and longing to come back.

Give them one of the easiest reasons to see you as they look to THEIR New Day..

–James J. Spina