Since there was a concentration of Rx frames in this month’s GenEYE feature we figured some equal face time was due building on current sun shapes for the young-at-health generation. The print is a bit small on this smart-looking American Optical ad but keep in mind that the Hi Brow, the Bow Tie and the Harlequin all make for a rather timeless shape of things to come for the sun season… which… by the way… is ALL YEAR. And boys: Keep an eye on that Man’s Face Form. It rules your future.    
—James J. Spina

Before there was GenEYE there was… iWear until somebody stole that name from 20/20 and then didn’t really use it. Perhaps in light of what’s going on with virtual-info-retinality these days at Google, Apple and elsewhere, 20/20 should reclaim the name for our own virtual and eventual fame and fortune.