Photographed by Ned Matura

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Figure Eight

But THIS eight shape rates a perfect 10. Here’s to a bikini-shaped metal with light touches and dramatic sweeps recalling the ’70s but suitably modern in its lightness and artistic, metal mastery.

JASON WU Fleur from Modo Eyewear

A Round of Gold

Tiger-striped tortoise tees off anew in sunwear bearing the brand of the sport’s most iconic gentleman golfer.

BOBBY JONES Denny from Signature Eyewear

My Eyes Dior Her

Pearls of wisdom when it comes to the eyes of a woman dedicated to classic couture in every detail. Dare we say that golden keyhole is the extra jeweled secret to success? And speaking of success: 20/20’s MOST retweeted frame of this photo shoot.

CHRISTIAN DIOR Entracte I from Sàfilo USA

Hey Sports Fans

Welcome to FASHION Week. There’s a new game in town as a venerated sport sun brand wows the fashionista runway crowd.

WISHBONE from Kaenon Polarized

True AMBERition

Deep, organic red fades to misty, honey crystal, and the classic shape gives those hues a definite “him” look.

TRUE RELIGION Jamie from Revolution Eyewear

Champion Season

Every season a style emerges basically DEFINING S.T.Y.L.E. THIS is that style. This is that frame. Study the details… especially the lens structuring... just slightly apart from the frame. That dimension makes the big difference. And the creamy white zyl certainly reinforces the “style” statement.

JIL SANDER 702S from Marchon Eyewear

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Zyl pushes through to yet another new level of evolution and sophistication, and the broad interpretation of a cateye opens up a world of fresh face-sight.

ELIZABETH AND JAMES Lafayette EJS 1113 from Absolute Black Design

What’s White Now NOW!?!

The frame coloration of the season backs itself up with some nifty-noir inner secrets.

WILLIAM RAST 2055 from Viva International Group