This is the debut of a new 20/20 series...

Everyone loves a good makeover. It’s exciting to see the “before” and “after” results of someone via a style transformation. We’re celebrating  YOUR passion for fashion—we want YOU to be the style expert. “Style Saviors” puts you in the spotlight. Here’s the opportunity to craft a makeover on someone in need of eyewear style tips.

Kayla, a 22-year-old marketing director loves dressing up and pays close attention to trends. While accessories are her fashion staple, Kayla has yet to embrace wearing glasses, preferring contact lenses. Sandi Berendes of Groetken Family Eye Care needed to convince Kayla her love for fashion could be enhanced by eyewear.

Kayla’s unique personality demands confident sophistication. The elegant cateye, Lafont CELIMENE 540 was the go-to choice. “As professionals in the optical arena, we don’t want to change someone’s cherished personality, but rather pull it out. Kayla has lots of personality and is a beautiful example of what can be done with eyewear.” Sandi strongly believes it isn’t necessary to invest in a professional makeover to look beautiful, or to update your look. It’s all about finding that special frame and wearing it with confidence. “Not everyone has a budget for a makeup artist or a hair stylist. Since eyewear serves a dual purpose as a necessity AND as an accessory, it’s a win-win situation.” Kayla proudly applied her own makeup and styled her own hair for this feature. She adores the Lafont frame, and has since been wearing glasses regularly and now incorporates different styles into her wardrobe.

We couldn’t agree more with Sandi’s take on eyewear’s dual purpose… and her eyewear choice for Kayla hits 20/20 right in our sweet spot. The style highlights Kayla’s femininity and raises her sophistication level. The frame’s striated tortoise and honey tones warm her fair complexion, complementing her face-framing locks. A single pearl strand combined with the flirty cateye shape adds a contrasting touch of high society with downtown flair. Simply, Kayla looks “Gossip Girl.” Watch out Upper East Siders. There’s a new “it” girl in town. Do you want to become a Style Savior? Contact me at                  

—Christine Yeh