Photographed by JR Delia

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SunWhere Over The Rainbow

Want to know what we really think about this sunglass? You’ll need to dig into the newest edition of 20/20’s March 15, 2014 What’s Brand New issue where it is featured on the cover and supported by a wonderful artist-of-the-frame conversation with Europa International’s Cynthia (Cinzia!) Shapiro.

SPECTRUM from Cinzia Designs/A Division of Europa International

Cat Woman

Balancing between dramatic couture and clever costumes can be tricky, especially when it comes to a fashion accessory such as sunwear. Tory wrote the story on how to succeed on that balance, and this cat is a purr-fect example of her superwoman qualities.

TORY BURCH 9031 from Luxottica

Eye Got a Black and Blue

This one’s all over the spectrum from its flat black (as in chalkboard) frame to its flashy, night-sky lens coloring.

SUN TRENDS 172 from i-dealoptics

Cool, Calm, Collected

The wonder team of Badgley and Mischka survey the hot spots in sunwear trending and start blending with a swirl of discrete glitter in luxurious zyl and some sleek side embellishments deeming this sun an ultimate accessory.

BADGLEY MISCHKA Martine from The McGee Group

Wild Blue Yonder

No one turns the clear crystal trick better than Sandy Hutton and accenting it with a flash of blue-mirrored lenses elevates this stunner to the top of the sun specs.

SANFORD HUTTON CS281 Marine from Colors in Optics

Tom Cat

This alley cat has full fashion control. The look is extreme, and the intense color striation is nothing short of sensational.

TOM FORD 349 Grace from Marcolin USA

Cradle of Aviation

There are aviators… and then… there is THIS aviator… Beyond the blue horizon.

ORIGINAL PENGUIN “The Cameron Sun” from Kenmark

Taking the Plunge

You remember it. How could you ever forget something so dramatic? Silhouette dives in with this stylish swerve of a drop-temple, putting their iconic look in a new (sun) light.

ALLURE 8140 from Silhouette

Square Rooting

What’s next? The hex-a-gone wild. With everyone getting all kitten on us, Ogi squarely makes a fresh statement.

SERAPHIN Grace Sun from Ogi Eyewear

Power Shield

From princely to punkish, this sunglass sings “I’ll be your mirror…” forever.

MATSUDA 1013 from Matsuda