Monoqool, the Denmark-based eyewear brand available from Studio Optyx, introduces the IQ Series featuring a patented screwless hinge, polyamide frame fronts made with 3D SLS (Selected Laser Sintering) technology and surgical stainless steel temples. Included are 12 styles in four colors each. The frames are produced in thin 0.1 mm layers, built up layer by layer. Following the SLS process, color is applied through a unique process ensuring deep color penetration, which reduces the risk of surface scratches. The matte colors of the polyamide combined with the cool look of the surgical stainless steel temples provide a distinctive, industrial, yet stylish appeal. Both the frame fronts and temples are made in Denmark. With a weight of only 18 grams, the frames are super light. 

PHILOSOPHY: “Always on the lookout for innovative ideas, we came across cutting-edge 3D technology. After experimenting with SLS and using it to make prototypes, we decided the time was ripe for using this technique in manufacturing. The technology allowed us to come up with a new hinge solution, which would have been impossible to achieve with traditional ways of manufacturing eyeglasses,” says Monoqool CEO Allan G. Petersen. Studio Optyx president Jack Erker III adds, “With the constant innovation coming out of our Monoqool factory in Denmark, we have grown substantially in the North American market. Our customers are always wondering what we will come out with next.”

MARKETING: Merchandising materials include posters, countercards, logo plaques and window clings. Each frame comes with a hard case that folds flat and a cleaning cloth. 

: $$$$$

CONTACT: For additional information, contact Studio Optyx, (314) 241- 9410;

Monoqool, which launched its first collection in spring 2010, has won seven international design awards for its patented spiral Helix Hinge concept.