Photographed by BLEACHER + EVERARD

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Lafont! Lafont!

Two Cool! Lafont X 2… Voila!


Game Face

Look ahead to increased elements of sport frames getting a “grip” on more children’s Rx eyewear styles, and that especially goes for kid frames in sunwear.

LACOSTE 3625S from Marchon Eyewear

Iridescently Yours

A magical brand takes on a rainbow of signature colors.

MY LITTLE PONY Fancy from Nouveau Eyewear

Purple Reign

There’s a new dawn for metals so striking in their coloration ability for a new generation of eyewear aficionados.

FLOAT KIDS K54 from Match Eyewear

A Tortoise with… Blue Arms!?!

No frame coloration plays better with friends (here, blue) than tortoise.

IGREEN V4.10 from Thema – A Family Factory

From Angular-rific to Effusive

Catch their attention with shape and color.

From left: MENIZZI 501 from Menizzi; STEVE MADDEN Boniita from ClearVision Optical

Doubly Prepared

Be ready with a simple crystal preppy shape intensified by deep blue rim detailing that virtually redefines the shape.

CHAMPION 7022 from L’Amy America

Now CAT’s Entertainment!

We’re all eyes and ears here.

DOLCE & GABBANA 4289 from Luxottica

Red Hot

He’s totally ready for red. And so is the new world order for children’s eyewear daring to be different and definitive as a must-see option for kids.

KIDS BY SAFILO 0005/N from Safilo



STELLA MCCARTNEY 0048S from Kering Eyewear