Men? Style? Fashion? Directional? If you think this walk-soup is best described as oxy-moronic you are… WRONG. Visit the streets with our ace-eye Christie Walker and SEE why.
James J. Spina

• Elongated rectangles have literally ruled the face tools of eyewear these last few  years and men led the way literally willing his trend into existence.

• Sport sun styles can and should be combined with modern matchups of both suits and sweatsuits. Men took it there first and continue to successfully shape that fashion/function  metamorphosis.

• Be it ever so humble there’s no face that doesn’t like an aviator frame and males took wing with that classic ages ago. And they STILL safely fly that pattern.

• The classic P3 shape is back big time aided and abetted by graying Baby-Boomer boys bent on reliving their preppy high school and collegiate daze.