She’s Stella. Paul McCartney’s daughter. But her birthright doesn’t buy her fame. It is her creativity and innovative ways backed by sincere energy that captivates no matter how she fuels her unique sense of design. I met her a few years ago when she debuted her first eyewear collection at a Madison Avenue boutique. She introduced me to her dad. I was literally dizzy, wanting to ask for both of their autographs… but… I didn’t. I was thrilled putting her on the cover of 20/20 back then even though the portrait by her sister became infamous as the only time 20/20 featured someone sans eyewear. We have a terrific Q&A with her via Executive Editor Christine Yeh in this issue and a cover highlighting her newest eyewear collection with Thelios. But we still haven’t caught a snap of her in specs. That’s OK. We love her, and I switched my whole Parting Glance agenda planned for this month in order to highlight one of her impressive eyewear stills. If I ever meet her again, I’m asking for an autograph and a photo of her in her wonderful eyewear.

–James J. Spina