As noted and pictured by 20/20 editors Victoria Garcia and Jillian Urcelay, in this issue’s eyewear and sunwear
features “The New Light Spectrum” and “Everything Under the Sun” and in their powerful missives for What’s New, What’s Next, Eye Opener, Hall of Frames and the New Products pages (showcasing HUNDREDS of frame debuts!) this new season is SPECtacular in selections. The 20/20 editorial team is convinced eyewear vendors are at their creative max when it comes to delivering the GOODS. And now it is up to YOU to review those offerings and make GOOD on your cherished role delivering the best of this eyewear season to your customers/patients.

Eyewear is HOT. And what follows is a further gathering of that object we all know and adore from an amazing number of different sources from proud Independent brands to fashionista designers and lifestyle mentors all looking for the opti-opportunity to spring ahead.

–James J. Spina

Still life photographed by Ned Matura

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From left: VUARNET VL1802 from Vuarnet; EDDIE BAUER 32809 from Charmant USA; FYSH UK 2025 from WestGroupe; SPERRY Miramar from L’Amy America

From top: SERAPHIN Montclair from Ogi Eyewear; LEMTOSH TT SE from MOSCOT; PARADOX 5052 from Aspex Eyewear; SCOTT HARRIS VIN-42 from Europa International

Clockwise from top: CREMIEUX Tempest from A&A Optical; LIGHTEC 30041L from Morel; B.M.E.C. Big Swing from Modern Optical International; GEM 76F from Artoptic International; SILHOUETTE 5518 from Silhouette

From top: FACE A FACE Rings 2 from Design Eyewear Group; PALOMAR from l.a.Eyeworks

From top: WILLIAM MORRIS LONDON 50028 from Classique Eyewear; CUTLER AND GROSS 1294 from Cutler and Gross; RAFAELLA 1005 from i-dealoptics; THE PASCO from Todd Rogers Eyewear

From left: PHOEBE 725 from Nouveau Eyewear; PHILOSOPHEYES 953S from Thema – A Family Factory; DEL MAR from Costa; CARTIER 0024S from Kering Eyewear

Clockwise from top: MAD IN ITALY Romeo from Villa Eyewear; COSMOPOLITAN Nikki from Match Eyewear; VAVOOM 8081 from Avalon Eyewear; LIFE IS GOOD Tess from The McGee Group; BURNETT 3696 from Bevel