Vision Monday 20/20
Experience the new rules of the game with our exclusive panel discussion on sport sun eyewear as it impacts the optical arena. Discover what it takes to compete at a retailing level delivering eyewear, sun protection, new technology, the hottest branding and the power of celebrity endorsements. This panel is a segment of the Sport Sun Eyewear series featured in 20/20 and Vision Monday and co-sponsored by Marchon Eyewear, Oakley, Specialty Lens, The Vision Council and Wiley X.

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Optical Retailing Executive
Michael Minadeo
AVP Product & Merchandising
Sunglass Hut/Ilori

Optical Independent
Barry Santini
Optician/Owner, 20/20 CE Educator
Long Island Opticians

Product Designer
Dr. Al Reichow
Global Research Director, Vision Sciences
Director of Research & Development, Nike SST

Dave Speranza
Creative Director
Rodale Press, Bicycling & Mountain Bike

Hosted by 20/20 Editor-in-Chief, James J. Spina