Ryan Horne has been impressing the likes of us at 20/20 for more than a few years now, dating back specifically to a wonderful Successful Retail Strategies feature by Senior Associate Editor Victoria Garcia. And enthusiasm ramped up considerably and exponentially as each week, we witnessed phenomenal photographic statements of inspiration from Ryan on his wonderful Instagram posts. On meeting him as a finalist in the first OPTImum Retail Awards ceremony at Expo East just a few years ago, we chatted about the potential of his conducting a feature photo shoot for 20/20. That is in the process even as he steps up to meet the challenges of running an independent opti-biz under the duress of COVID-19. We are honored being able to sample some of his Instagram photos in this May issue. Stick with Ryan (“selfied” here in his Leisure Society specs with Transitions Xtractive Brown lenses) as we stick with you and the legion of intent Independents.  

–James J. Spina