By Jillian Urcelay


While vibrant shades in eyewear are trending right now for women, tortoise frames are forever classics. This pattern has long reigned supreme, and women continue to select it over others, especially now with an added pop of color.


For customers on a budget or those who prefer not to carry an extra pair, recommend sun clips for their optical frames or photochromic lens options. Not only do they provide easy sun protection but they are stylish as well.


We love Independent Eyewear brands because you’re often paying for the product and not necessarily the brand name. These smaller brands cater to a niche population and rely on the quality and innovation of their product instead of the logo attached to it.


For those desiring unique and one-of-a-kind frames, bespoke eyewear offers made-to-order frames customized with a special material or color, personalized engraving or an exacting fit.