By Jillian Urcelay


Sunwear may be the ultimate accessory but that doesn’t mean it can’t be enhanced with other accessories. Metal chains keep your sunglasses close while doubling as a necklace, and removable side shields add a unique vibe for the days you want to stand out.


Many Independent brands have been collaborating with other independent accessory, jewelry and lifestyle brands. Stock up on these special collaboration pieces for someone searching for a limited-edition style.


With the seasons changing, it's important to remind customers that sunwear is more than a summertime necessity. Dispel the common perception that sunglasses aren’t needed during cooler weather and promote the benefits of sunwear year round.


While ultra-feminine CatEye frames have been trending, they aren’t for everyone. Don't limit her to picking from the frames designed specifically for women. Many women prefer the sleek, understated styles that come with men’s frames. Always invite her to check out the men's section so she has more options.