By Jillian Urcelay


Style trends from previous decades always find their way back and resurge in eyewear. From flat-top frame fronts to small oval and narrower shapes, Millennials and Gen-Z are continuing to channel retro '90s vibes with an updated edge.


Sunwear may be the ultimate accessory but that doesn’t mean it can’t be enhanced with other accessories. Metal chains are back in style (thanks to masks!) and keep your sunglass close while making a style statement, and removable side shields add a funky vibe for the days you want to stand out.


Don’t count out house brands. Many of the big companies you already work with are focusing more closely on upgrading the collections they create in house for more creative options. We've seen a huge uptick in these brands this year for another choice your customers will love.


When it comes to Independent Eyewear, many designers stray from noticeable logos and focus on trademark designs. Be sure to highlight these exclusive and special details to customers such as gold engraved filigree from Matsuda and colorful patterns from Lafont.