ImageWear’s Robert Graham collection offers eyewear and sunwear styles that are unique, colorful and creative, all with a style that breaks free from the expected.

Robert Graham Eyewear makes a mark with industry-leading artistry crafted at the intersection of elite innovation and avant-garde design.

The Dillan takes inspiration from the Warhol-esque genius of reenvisioning everyday objects for art-house audiences. This red and white acetate frame melds the precision of advanced engineering with Coke-bottle Americana to result in a singularly stunning design.

Viewed from the front, the Othello exemplifies the monochromatic cool of northern design. But seen from the side, its lively multicolored temples reveal inspiration drawn straight from the bustling cafes of Cuba.

Dawnomite is a modified rectangle frame that you can expect to find perched on the noses of award-winning creatives from coast to coast. The navy blue acetate frame features red accents and a diamond-patterned motif along the temple to complete the presentation.

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