Defined in the dictionary as a “distinctive or identifying quality or characteristic,” texture is an essential trait in today’s hottest eyewear styles… with the temples setting the tempo and covering the spectrum from subtly tactile to exquisite—and sometimes—wildly extravagant texturing.

Photographed by Annie Gallagher/Black Box Studio

From left: JALAPENOS Cordoncillo from A&A Optical; NORMA KAMALI 7292 from Avalon Eyewear; COLE HAAN 918 from ClearVision Optical

Textures Twists
  • Lace and lace looks
  • Reptilian accents
  • Three-dimensional sculpting
  • Quilting
  • Bejeweled cut outs
  • Over-the-top graphics
  • ntricate mixes of materials
  • Warm washes of color