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Extreme Sorts

Radical sport eyewear (venting, mirrored-to-purpose, aero-designed, gripping just right) works equally well on the street. Never discreet, it always competes especially when sized just right to a wearer’s face as is this perfectly ready Rudy.

FIREBOLT from Rudy Project

Emerald City

Eyewear’s current favorite color goes on a SHE seeking missive as Smith asserts its feminine wiles.

JETSET from Smith Optics

From top: GRACE from Bolle/A Division of Bushnell Outdoor Products; HOBIE POLARIZED Motion Collection Harper from Eyeking; LIBRA from Spy

Take a Picture

An icon in the history of performance sunwear returns, better than ever. Portrait of the art of sunglasses: Polaroid.

POLAROID X4313 from Sàfilo USA (on him)

Jim Class

Annual sunwear 20/20 EyeVote winners... with good reason. And here… SHE said!

Voyager 178 from Maui Jim

Color Her World

Want a peak at one of the next “fade” trends in frame colors? Kaenon has the key. Fashionistas should take careful and indebted notes.

MAYA from Kaenon

From left: CALLAWAY Razr from Walman Optical ; ADIDAS 164 Adivista L from Silhouette; TOMMY BAHAMA Polarized On The Rocks 6030 from Altair Eyewear

Red, Right and Blue

Sport literally invented bold frame colors (and lens colorations with specific performance purposes for that matter) in eyewear. Fashion followed suit but sport STILL inspires while runway usually aspires. So if you are looking to stay ahead of trend, keep an eye on the athletic arena. They know well ahead when the newest hue is about to hit.

From left: KENNEDY 10648 from Zeal Optics; NIKE Road Machine EV0705 from Marchon Eyewear

From top: REVELRY from Scheyden Precision Eyewear; AXO from Switch Vision

Remember to Gloss

When all is said (and seen!) and done, nothing says classic sport sun like a highly glossed black frame with a semi-rimless minimalist form for function.

WILEY X 1209ZR from Wiley X Eyewear

The Costa’s Crystal Clear

...And well-equipped to deliver iconic proprietary sun lens characteristics to women intent on epic style AND performance.

INLET from Costa

From left: GARGOYLES Wrath from FGX International; HARNESS 4071 from Revo; GREG NORMAN PERFORMANCE Collection 4209 from Aspex Eyewear

Flats Entertainment

Matte and burnished are the hottest situations in frame textures these days, and when it’s mated up with a flashy mirror lens treatment, the sport-on-the-street scene MUST be seen. Just proves that game-face needs a spot on the competition zone AND in the stylish “street/play” zone.

TWOFACE from Oakley

From top: LEADER RX Sun #1 from Hilco; LOMBARDY from VedaloHD Performance Eyewear; COLUMBIA Timpanogas from L’Amy America