The new iRx Polaroid 1.60-index lens issignificantly thinner at the edge than a 1.50-index in a comparable prescription.


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah--Specialty Lens is adding a new 1.60 high-index, polarized, progressive lens to its iRx Polaroid product line. The new iRx Pro 1.60 lens design features a crisp and wide distance area with a smooth transition from distance to near that provides patients with what Specialty Lens said is "the most comfortable performance possible" This design, coupled with the thin and light benefits of 1.60 high-index plastic, combine to make one of the best polarized progressive lenses available today, according to Specialy Lens.

iRx Pro 1.60 is available in smoke (gray C) immediately and chocolate (brown C) before the end of the year. The lens can fill prescriptions ranging from -10.00 to +6.00D.